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PVS Training Sessions: Recordings

Training Session: Fair Shake Reentry Resource Center
April 20, 2023
Training Session: You're Going Back to Visiting! Expect the Unexpected!
May 5, 2022
Expect the Unexpected Power Point

Bureau of Prisons Website

BOP Prisoner Locator

PVS Website
(Click on "Visitor Resources" to submit your report)

Training Session: Letter Writing
February 16, 2022
Writing Your Visit Power Point
Sample Letter with Photos
Training Session: Maintaining Boundaries
December 8, 2021
PVS Policy:
Maintaining Boundaries
Training Session: Your First Visit
October 2, 2021
PVS Policy: Your First Visit
Role Play Scenario - A
Role Play Scenario - B
Training Session: Emergencies and Serious Situations
July 10, 2021
PVS Policy:
Handling Emergency Situations 

Staff Cell Phone Numbers:

Molly Clifford - 585-233-3699
Emily Cashell-DeSilva - 610-312-4080

Training Session: Presentation of New Manual and Handling Confidentiality Issues
May 1, 2021
Visitor Resource and
Orientation Manual
PVS Policy:
Maintain Confidentiality 
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