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2022 Virtual Training Conference 
Session I: October 26, 2022
A Conversation with Susan Burton and Suave Gonzalez
Suave's Podcasts:
Session II: October 27, 2022
Preparing for your First Visit

Suggested ice breakers from chat:


  • Where are you from? Where were you born?

  • How are you doing/How are things going?

  • Why did you request a visit?

  • Do you have anyone else who visits you?

  • What is going on the outside that you won’t see on television?

  • This is your time.  What do you want to talk about?

Session III: October 29, 2022
How to be an Active and Compassionate Listener
Session IV: October 29, 2022
Vicarious Trauma and Resiliency
Presented by Colleen Cunningham, Equal Justice USA
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