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Why We Visit

Although most people cannot imagine spending years living with little or no contact with the outside world, it is a reality that prisoners across the country face on a day to day basis.


The federal prison system houses more than 198,000 prisoners in over 121 federal and several thousand more in 5 military prisons, many of whom are too far from their homes to get visits from family and friends at any point during their sentence.


Ninety-eight percent of incarcerated people will eventually be released back into society, and the quality of their contact with the outside world will often determine whether they will commit crimes again and return to prison.


With few other opportunities for human contact, many look to Prisoner Visitation and Support for a voice, encouragement, and a chance to reconnect with the world around them.


PVS visitors offer help and moral support to prisoners who seek contact with someone outside the immediate prison community to support them in their struggle to survive their incarceration, to live constructive lives and to maintain their self-esteem.


For many such people, their PVS visitor is their only contact with the outside world, and a friend in their time of confinement.


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