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Our History

Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) was founded in 1968, carrying forward a Quaker tradition of caring for prisoners. Its primary mission was to provide visits and support to imprisoned conscientious objectors to the Vietnam War. However, it soon became apparent that other prisoners could benefit from this service.

In 1972, permission was granted by the Federal Bureau of Prisons for PVS to visit all federal prisons and prisoners in the United States, and in 1975, the Department of Defense granted PVS access to all military prisons.
To this day, PVS remains the only interfaith, volunteer visitation program in the United States authorized by both of these organizations to visit all federal and military prisons.
Over 300 PVS volunteer visitors see thousands of prisoners a year in 102 Federal prisons and 4 Military prisons across the nation. No other organization in the U.S. has achieved the same level of access, on a nationwide scale, to the prison system, and with over 50 years of service, PVS continues to play a unique role in the field of prisoner assistance.
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