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Our Visitors

PVS volunteer visitors are at the heart of our organization, as they further our mission each day in prisons across the country. By giving just one day a month to their work with PVS, they offer the invaluable gift of human contact to those left isolated by the prison system.


PVS visitors are as unique as they are diverse; there is no one type of person who is drawn to the work of our organization. Visitors represent all age groups, professions, as well as educational, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Although sponsored by many religious groups, PVS visitors do not impose a particular religion or philosophy on prisoners. For many, their only common bond is the service that they provide to prisoners across the country, but this simple act unites them with a network of visitors; past, present, and future.


In addition to making monthly visits, our visitors also have the opportunity to connect with one another through their correspondence with our national office, meeting with other visitors in their geographical area, and participating in our annual training conferences. Through this interaction  visitors support one another, share experiences, and offer guidance.


By becoming a visitor, you too can share in the unique mission of PVS and join our network of over 300 other individuals that make prison visitation a priority in their lives

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