How Covid-19 is Affecting our Work

PVS is currently unable to visit in almost all federal institutions due to restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic. Since March 2020 most institutions have been on lockdown during periods of major outbreaks of the virus and no new visitors are being appointed at this time. Current PVS visitors have been granted special permission to correspond with prisoners until visiting resumes.

For people that are incarcerated, "lockdown" means that there are no outside visitors allowed, and that they are confined to their cells for 23 or 24 hours a day. All educational and recreational programs are cancelled, they are no longer permitted to congregate in common areas, and phone calls are restricted.  As you can imagine, this puts a strain on all prisoners, but especially those that receives PVS visits since they often do not have anyone else on the outside.

During normal times, Bureau of Prisons and PVS policies do not allow written communication between visitors and the prisoners they visit. We are thankful to the BOP for allowing our current visitors to correspond via mail with the prisoners they were visiting before the lockdown. This is a special privilege we have been given during the pandemic, and once prisons open and visitors start visiting again, letter writing will stop.

We are still accepting applications for new visitors once facilities open. To find the facility closest to you, and to get current information about the status of Covid-19 at each institution, you can visit the Bureau of Prisons Coronavirus Resource Page.