Upcoming Board Meeting

Below are materials for our upcoming May board meeting.
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PVS May 13-14 2022 Board Agenda
DRAFT PVS Board Minutes 2.4-5.2022
Scott Sussman Resume
Gary Blanchard Bio
PVS Board of Directors Term Schedule as of May 2022
PVS Executive Director Report to Board May 2022
Visitor Communication Issue for May 2022 Board Meeting
Updated PVS Video - Draft for Review
Profit & Loss: January through April 2022 
Profit & Loss Previous Year Comparison: January through April 2021 v 2022 
FY 2022 Budget v Actual: January through April
FFC and Bank Account Report for May 2022 Board Meeting
Financial Report Narrative for Board May 2022
PVS Development Committee Report for 5.2022 Board meeting
AFP FEP 2020 - 2021
PVS Gift Acceptance Policy Executive Summary Draft 5.4.2022
Finance Committee Report to the Board 05-12 & 13-2022
Governance & Nominating Committee Report 
Board Self Assessment Tool - Draft
Personnel Committee Report to the Board 05-12 & 13-2022
PVS Lease Extension Letter 2022-07-01 to 2023-06-30